How to connect Microsoft Dynamics GP using API methods

The following are the types to integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP  from other Applications

1. Component Object Model (COM) API

Using the COM dll ,  develop Visual studio application for the integration.

2. eConnect

  eConnect is a collection of tools, components, and interfaces that allow applications to pro grammatically interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP. eConnect interfaces allow external applications to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The external applications can perform actions like creating, updating, retrieving, and deleting back office documents and transactions. 

An eConnect integration also reduces costs by reducing data re-entry

3. Integration Manager

 Integration manager  is  an integration tool used to convert and transfer data other application in to Microsoft Dynamics GP.(Trial Version – 90 days)

4. Dynamics GP Web Services

Using web services able to convert and transfer data to other application(vice versa).Also through Web services management console user data access can be restricted.

Behind web services , eConnect API is used to integrate with Dynamics GP.

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