Export gridview data to Excel document in asp.net C#

Follow the  steps involved :

Step 1:

Create a aspx page with a grid view control.


aspx code

 Step 2:
Add the code for the button click in ViewExcelReport.aspx.cs


Now you are done, you can export the grid view in to Excel format.

if you’re getting any error message like

RegisterForEventValidation can only be called during Render();

To solve, add the overriding function VerifyRenderingInServerForm event in code. 

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Validate EmailAddress in Asp.net using RegularExpressionValidator Control

Here are the steps to validate EmailAddress in Asp.net using RegularExpressionValidator Control.

Step 1 :
  Add a RegularExpressionValidator control to your web page.

Step 2: 

         Right click on the control and select properties.

    • Set the ControlToValidate property to indicate which control to validate.
    • Set the ValidationExpression property to  regular expression as shown
      in below image.